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Nick and I had a pact to grow moustaches on a holiday in Turkey. I wussed out, he kept his going.

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Glastonbury 2005 - I think this was Pussy Parlure. Jim and Fiona.
Glastonbury 2005
West Pentire - He got a little wet in the sea so we had to take off his shorts and fashion some MC Hammer trousers from a blanket
West Pentire
Cornwall Christmas (cornwall_46)
Cornwall Christmas

...like a tractor

Thumbnail: Nick's Tache (nickr_01)
Photo: Nick's Tache - Nick Richardson, that's a fine moustache!
Nick Richardson, that's a fine moustache!
Picture: Nick's Tache - Nina and Bob.
Nina and Bob.


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halvin00:43 8th Mar 2006 

Nick's 'tache - Point and Laugh!

(I know, I'm breaking guideline #1: thou shalt not be an arse)

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